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Re: Pam Face Authentication FC11 x86_64

I'm on 32bit arch, where I can get source rpms so I can recompile them?
You can download the source code from

There you can find the source code install instructions.

Sorry for the very long delay.

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I've have a question, if I start my system on runlevel 3 it does not work, how can I activate pam face authentication to work in this runlevel ?
Sorry for the delay, I'll have to check more. It may be to do with a pam config file.

As for text mode. Well when i use a terminal in Gnome and 'su' it pops up a window with my cam. If drop to a shell it still works but no window comes up.


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I have uploaded F14 64bit. You can use my repos to download it.

NB: please uninstall the old program first as I have changed the name to reflect that is independent from GDM or KDE login.

yum remove pam-face*

yum install pam-face-authentication

To come:

i686 files: Due 10 April 2011
Backport 2 F13: Due 10 April 2011 - now 17April 2011
KDE login RPM : To be advised
get it added to Fedora's Repos: To be advised
Setup program to configure what services can use face authentication. GDM Setup, su, Screen Saver.
apply to : To be advised

Regards and have fun ....


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