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Lightbulb Fedora Utils for Getting things done

Fedy lets you install multimedia codecs and additional software that Fedora doesn't want to ship, like mp3 support, Adobe Flash, Oracle Java etc., and much more with just a few clicks.

Updated, always

Fedy automagically finds the download links for latest versions of software you choose to install and adds repositories wherever possible, so that you are always up-to-date.

The built-in updater also ensures that Fedy itself is up-to-date.

For the script junkie

You can perform operations from the command line, and even use it in scripts to automate tasks. To see all command line options supported, run the following in the Terminal,

fedy -e list
The downloaded files are saved in a folder named "fedy_dl" in your home directory, so that you can use them on another computer, or if you need to reinstall Fedora, without having to redownload.

Explore new stuff

Fedy aggregates the repositories available for the specific Fedora version from the fedorapeople repository in an easy to use list.

The repositories can be easily added with a few clicks. No more messing around with manual hunting and downloading of .repo files.

Open and extensible

Fedy is released under GNU GPL V3.0 and the source code is publicly available on GitHub. So you can play with the code and see what it does.

  • Install multimedia codecs
  • Install Adobe flash plugin
  • Enable DVD playback
  • Configure RPM Fusion repositories
  • Configure sudo for current user
  • Configure yum to keep cache
  • Enable systemwide touchpad tap
  • Improve font rendering
  • Install essential software
  • Install GTK theme engines
  • Install Microsoft core fonts
  • Set SELinux to permissive mode
  • Set up SSD I/O scheduler
  • Add color prompts to Terminal
  • Add repository from a repo file
  • Backup and restore repositories
  • Browse and add Fedora People repositories
  • Install Brackets, Arista Transcoder, Elegance Colors, GNOME development tools, Google Chrome, Google Talk plugin, Theme Configuration app, Kingsoft Office, Light Table, Dropbox, Numix GTK and icon themes, Oracle JDK, Oracle Java, Skype,Sublime Text 3, TeamViewer, Tor Browser Bundle
  • Delete junk and backup files
  • Fix rpmdb open failed error
  • Fix bad theme in root apps
  • Remove old kernels
  • Update GRUB2 config
  • Show system info
And More

Project Page:

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