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Originally Posted by robert-e View Post
I might just give it a whirl. I am only half joking here, but it would be nice to see a spin like this one, only without PulseAudio and all its hooks, and with a working Alsa, or perhaps OSSv4
funny you should say that... i am working on my own spin right now, that doesn't include pulseaudio - the stupidest and most pointless audio server in existience. i don't think mine will include OSSv4 though. i use jackaudio and although supported in OSS - i believe it has higher latency when running jack/oss than jack/alsa so i am sticking with ALSA.

My spin will be only for x86 and x86_64 only, as those are the machines i have to work with.

other features i plan to include:

- a nicely customized gnome desktop - out of the box
- several custom themes, icons, etc.
- mainly for multimedia - rt-kernel, etc...
- custom kernels. even a Zen-kernel for fedora
- BFS scheduler as an option
- Extra extensions - ie. useful nautilus extensions and
dockbarX(a dock in your panel - like win7's grouping/tabbing menu)
- additional Repo's - planetccrma and rpm-fusion

the original plan was to make a spin for me, so i can always have "my instant desktop",
so i don't have to keep setting it up on a fresh install, but why not share??
even though it's a little more work, and i will have to make my kernels fairly generic to run on other hardware

if anyone has any ideas(that aren't too over the top) i'd be interested to hear them...

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