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Originally Posted by bob View Post
Sometimes, you guys slay me. For five years, we had NO changes or improvements and no way to do them. We lost the Gallery, lost the way to upload images and could do nothing about it.

So, we've been given the ability to improve things, to make changes. The Gallery can't exist in it's old form, but we have Pictures & Albums to replace it. Oh no, no good! Uh-uh, not the Gallery! We try and add additional Search options and get criticized, even though the old one was horrible.

We try to improve redundant posts where you think you've got the question, only to find out that the OP's added info in the next post or tags on a "bump" or "I really need the answer NOW" to push the thread to the top of the pile. And, immediate critique on that.

Now, we give a translator that just might come in handy for folks. Yeah, you can use babelfish; I sure do lots of times, but this is a pretty simple way for our non-english-speaking members to have some ease of use in the Forum and .....Nope! No good again!

Guys, you slay me. 2004 Forever!!! Gee, it's late and I'm grouchy. G'nite.
You shouldn't take it personally, the criticisms have usually been valid:

The Pictures & Albums isn't as convenient as the Gallery for casual browsing.

You originally implemented the search options before you'd worked out how to do it sensibly (like it is now).

"We try to improve redundant posts" - oh really? I hadn't noticed the great need for that, you've invented scenarios that hardly exists and then implemented a change which is mostly unhelpful.

Translation can be implemented quite easily by the small number of people who require it with firefox addons etc rather than placing an unpleasantly colouful banner on every page.

I think a good idea when considering new features is to see if it's done on other major forums, there are usually good reasons why certain plugins aren't in wide use.

You made good changes too! :

1. Anti Spam
2. 30 sec search limit
3. Enhanced search options:

and you got praise for fixing the attachments feature n'est-ce pas?

These core types of things need to work well, the rest of the stuff is unnecessary and distracting