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Well, according to the anaconda log
The f12 version is 6 updates behind the F11 GA release.
I have noted a copule of other F11 packages that are newer than F12 when doing an rpm update also.
I would guess it is just the delay in the meetings time, the weekend, and the mad GA push along with F11 updates.
I has only been 5 days.

Changelog * Tue Jun 02 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Do not show disabled repos such as rawhide during the install (#503798). (jkeating)
* Sun May 31 2009 David Lehman <> - - Pass --force to lvresize so it doesn't ask for confirmation. (dlehman) - Fix a typo in action sorting for resize actions (fs vs. device). (#501000) (dlehman) - Sending translation for French (mrtom)
* Thu May 28 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Create and use unique ids for Device instances. (#500808) (dlehman) - Adjust remaining PartitionDevices' names after removing a partition. (dlehman)
* Tue May 26 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Ensure matching rootfs type to live type with autopart (#501876) (katzj)
* Tue May 26 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix blank network device descriptions in the loader. (#501757) (notting) - Make sure the right _isMigratable gets used for Ext3FS (#501585). (clumens)

* Tue May 19 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - We are not guaranteed to have a partedDisk in the udev code (#501556, - The location of the options wiki page has changed. (clumens) - Disable BETANAG. (clumens) - Install a en_US.UTF-8 locale in the first stage image. (notting) - Reset font when changing language. (notting) - Set locale to en_US.UTF-8 when initializing the console. (notting)

* Mon May 18 2009 David Cantrell <> - - LVMVolumeGroupDevice stores pesize in MB, kickstart expects it in KB. (dlehman) - Don't schedule a format resize if reformat scheduled. (#500991) (dlehman) - Deactivate md arrays regardless of state if the device is present. (#496441) (dlehman) - Lame hack to make sure --size= is never 0 (#500905). (clumens) - Don't filter out partitions that haven't been allocated (#500932). (clumens) - Write out PE size as an integer, since that's what anaconda wants (#501049). (clumens) - Set clearPartType to None on preupgrade too (#499321). (clumens) - Fix indentation of line to remove cancelled actions from the list. (#500932) (dlehman) - Consider active-idle state of md device as accepatable status of device (#497407) (rvykydal) - Fix detection of cciss disks (#499408) (dchapman) - Get existing fs size for xfs. (dcantrell) - Get existing fs size for ntfs. (dcantrell) - Get existing fs size for jfs. (dcantrell) - Get existing fs size for ext2, ext3, and ext4. (dcantrell) - Compute existing filesystem size using fs info utility. (dcantrell) - Do not allow users to migrate ext4 to ext4. (dcantrell) - Correct handling of formats on encrypted preexisting LVs. (#499828) (dlehman) - Ignore unrecognized device-mapper devices we find. (#499967) (dlehman) - loader: Mount /tmp as tmpfs not ramfs so we can swap it out (ajax) - format.mountpoint -> lvd.mountpoint (#500913). (clumens) - Treat the loop labels as devices without a label.(#493219) (jgranado) - Add the partition table partition after initializing (#498602). (clumens)

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