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Can everyone who needed to use alsamixer -c0 to adjust their volume *so they could hear sound normally* please file a bug according to the following instructions? If you need it to set your input device, or for some other use case that's more complicated than just 'I can't hear anything', please don't file a bug according to these instructions yet. For now I'm trying to get proper reports for every case where g-v-c cannot correctly control the volume, so these cases can be fixed. Once you've filed a bug please post a reply here with a link to the report. Thanks!

It would be very helpful if you could file a bug at , on the pulseaudio package in Rawhide. Please include the following information.

1. Attach the file /tmp/alsa-info.txt, after running ' --no-upload'

2. To find out exactly what you had to change to control your volume, please do this, as root:

alsactl init
amixer -c0 > amixer_before.txt

Now verify that your problem exists again. Then run a mixer and make the changes you have to make to 'resolve' your problem. Then go back to running commands:

amixer -c0 > amixer_after.txt

Then attach the files 'amixer_before.txt' and 'amixer_after.txt' to the bug report. The commands above assume the important sound device is card #0 in the output of 'cat /proc/asound/cards' . If this is not the case, change -c0 in each of the above commands to -cN, where N is the actual number of the important device in 'cat /proc/asound/cards' - for instance, if it's card number 2 in that list, change all -c0 to -c2 .

3. Also please include an exact description of the problem, including how your card behaves before the problem is fixed, how it behaves after the problem is fixed, and information on your actual sound output device - are you using a simple pair of computer speakers? Internal speakers on a laptop? Headphones? A digital S/PDIF connection to an external decoder?

Once you have done this, please let me know the number of your bug report. We will then work to make sure as many of these bugs are resolved as possible. You may be contacted for further information, or a confirmation of the fix, on the bug report, so please keep an eye on it after filing. Thanks very much for your help!
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