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I am having problems to follow your instructions.

1. I have no idea if scim or xim is enabled in my computer and how to do it.

2. The command
sudo open gedit /etc/gtk-2.0/i386-redhat-linux-gnu/gtk.immodules
opens an empty file... there is no line to edit.

3. Even if it were, your instruction appears in my screen as
"cedilla" "Cedilla" "gtk20" "/usr/share/locale" "az:ca:co:fr:gv:oc{a small face showing the tongue}t:sq:tr:wa"

I found this thread not because of c cedilla, but because I cannot use accented characters since I upgraded to Fedora 10 (described in I was expecting that the keyboard problem was related to the new approach you mentioned here, thus hoping to test it and see if the dead keys come back to the normal way.
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