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Howdy people,

I must say I am not _very_ fan of the ubuntu-bashing part here, and there is a reason to that:
[No, not that reason, I run Slackware 12.2 and it's great; the Fedora thing is my wife's laptop]

As said in this very thread, F too is going the Nanny way, as despised by U-bashers.

Hopefully, it brings us more PowerUsers that want to add some fun in their computing life while still retaining some form of practicality. (read: they won't jump straight to Gentoo, you need to pamper them).

Not-Hopefully-at-all, it tells the ever-absent devs (they don't even do Bug Triage themselves) to go even more down the Nanny-Distro Route, so to grab more U fanatics and W never-got-enough nerds. You can't be wrong if you make it easy. Very easy. Can you?

Quod erat Demonstrandum (so to keep the Latin part I didn't started): You have more people on the forums, they asks sillier questions, and everybody get lost and lost again because the distro's Tweaking Doors are ever-closing, and tight at that, and so they come in vaster numbers because there are so much things they wanna do that they seems not to be able to anymore.

Shan't we be all singin' with joy at our ever-expanding community? Yep! I'd recommend all to be patient, and to answer, again and again, the newbies questions with precise, complete information so that their future input be that of aware Nixers and Nixettes, that know what to expect from a traditional distribution and put their weight in on getting it on their machines.

And maybe _not_ every SIX months with 2 GIGS of updates in the meantime, I live in Cambodia for ****'s sake!

Damn I-Will-Rule-The-World-&-Faster-Than-You UBUNTU! They started it!

...Ooops, sorry, I should go back on my medication now, I dunno what happened to me.
[No xorg.conf??? No Ctrl-Alt-Backspace??? X on TTY1???]
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