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    Fedora 31 schedule

    Fedora 31 Schedule

    27 August 100% Code Complete deadline
    27 August Bodhi activation point
    27 August Beta Freeze begins
    17 September Beta release preferred target
  2. Re: How does grub knows to boot into initramfs ?

    grub.cfg is found with /boot/efi/EFI/fedora
    The boot/efi is a separate partition --the shim, typically fat32 or fat16

    If you had a second distribution on the same disk, and you...
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    Re: changes to audio in fedora 31

    The claim that Fedora is making -- no more xorg

    I have a tailored keyboard, the keyboard is currently managed by xorg. I have not seen any test setup for keyboard management under Wayland.
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    Re: What Gnome shell is missing

    It is nothing bad to be an American, it is a very good thing. It is best to be a nice person, no matter the citizenship.
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    Re: changes to audio in fedora 31

    Keeping up with Gnome's extensions is even a more worse challenge. I dropped gnome from my daily use. I actually like and have switched to Fedora "Pantheon Desktop"
    sudo dnf group list --hidden ...
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    Re: Oh snap! fedora 30 is out

    Supposedly, F31 is due mid September. Some Rawhide F31 files will be out in the coming days. Check around the weekend for F31 betas.
  7. Re: How does grub knows to boot into initramfs ?

    When a new kernel is downloaded for upgrade, the rpm file includes a script to rebuild the initramfs and it is done once. I believe it is a common file to all kernels. It is referenced by all...
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    Re: Dual boot two versions of Fedora

    At one time I had 6 distributions installed. I was doing some testing. I allowed 150gigs per distribution and they all fit onto my one terrabyte drive. One problem with many distributions is...
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    got called out for swearing WTF

    What happens is simple. My city has a scanner for expressions such as WTF,
    I asked for an overnight parking permission for tonight, Wednesday, Thursday night and Friday night,
    only I just used...
  10. Re: Best Linux magazines? - now that Linux Journal is gone

    We live in the era of being cheap. There is so much information on the web, that it behooves us to buy a magazine. They would have done better with using a website, asking for subscription fees (a...
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    Re: New Spectre hole

    Thank you Marko for the above.
    I wonder if I would notice a difference, given my use is as a desktop system.
    By the way, it works with SUSE's Tumbleweed, but with Fedora,
    the path is write...
  12. Re: F31 Branched From Rawhide - Release Schedule

    One month to go to get new surprises.

    The recompile for F31 is underway. I just checked and the status report indicates "Started". When the update is complete, it will say one of "Incomplete" or...
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    Re: What Gnome shell is missing

    Re your quote about Professors and Janitors. You must be American.
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    Re: What Gnome shell is missing

    A distribution that I like the most is pantheon. It was part of t initial Fedora 30. It is clean, fast, and easy to use.

    Second to it is KDE. I boot SUSE Tumbleweed in KDE mode. I also boot a...
  15. Re: Strange partition only give me 63gb of free space on 250gb

    If you had discovered the network or everything versions, anaconda, the installation program would have accommodated you. You could have chosen for anaconda to us lvm or discreet partitioning. There...
  16. Re: Dispay issues since kernel 5.2.x with Ryzen 3400G | Fedora 30

    No, just a 2700x. Sorry,
    Forget my comments. In reading the posts one by one, the topic header drifted off the page following some two or three page downs . What I remembered was the "Ryzen"...
  17. Re: Dispay issues since kernel 5.2.x with Ryzen 3400G | Fedora 30

    I'm the other guy without issues. With the new kernel I have no issues or video distortions or whatever. My video card was a $59 special. The only game I play on Linux is free cell. I do watch...
  18. Short 2 minute courses about linux command line topics

    Check out this link
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    Btrfs support

    I find this interface to be pretty good. It has features that are impressive. I like the snapshot rollback ability, that I miss with Fedora.

    For RedHat to not support it or handle it well, tells...
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    What Gnome shell is missing

    I've been a gnome user for many years. With each update of "moving target" gnome, extensions written for the previous version are broken. For the developer, and me, the end-user, this situation has...
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    New Spectre hole

    Phoronix " The Spectre "SWAPGS" Mitigation Performance Impact " reports of a patch to Linux / Windows for a new attack vector and the consequences of adding this patch to Linux.

    Is it time that we...
  22. Re: Packaging question: why are some groups not listed in "dnf grouplist" ?

    -v and --hidden are the same switches, two different formats.
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    Re: No audio via headphone jack

    You may also want to try with amixer application.

    I had that problem and the following script solved it.

    if [ $# -ne 0 ]; then
    if [ $1 -gt 0 ]; then
    sleep $1
  24. Re: About 5 wees away from Fedora 31 and start of next gen

    Fedora supports two kernels. One which is a module, and for root (/) is not modifiable. You can't add or subtract folders.
    I tried it. I wanted to add /backup and /scratch (a work area) and was...
  25. Re: Install Ubuntu over old Fedora 25 version

    To install a system, such as you want to do, you need an *.iso file. You would create a DVD image of the iso or use a dd command to move the ISO to a flashdrive. Boot from one or the other device,...
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