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  1. Re: What is the Difference When Using "Encrypt My Data" on UEFI and Legacy?

    it doesn't matter, you can use LUKS with either
  2. Re: Anyone Successfully Using F30 Workstation on an RTX 2070?

    It's Wayland+NVIDIA...

    Gnome with Wayland and NVIDIA doesn't work by default at this point.
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    Re: KDE/Plasma hangs on upgraded Fedora 30

    no problem, I hope you get a resolution of some kind.
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    Re: KDE/Plasma hangs on upgraded Fedora 30

    have you checked for reports of this on bugzilla? if not, please do so and add your comments or file one if none are already open.

    this forum is not an official...
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    Re: Show your desktop screenshot

    So you returned just to advertise your deviant art profile?
  6. Re: Firefox extensions that require signing just popped up...

    threads merged, please search the forum or at least check the activity stream before opening new topics. Yes Mozilla dropped the ball, but that didn't break the forum features ;)
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    Re: Just installed Deepin.

    you were most likely only missing sane-backends-drivers-scanners and xsane from your XFCE installation.
  8. [SOLVED]
    Re: Can' t fresh install fedora 30 from external USB hard drive

    It's not really related since it has nothing to do with nvme storage issues. please open your own thread rather than taking this one off topic.
  9. [SOLVED]
    Re: Wireless Keyboard works but mouse doesn't

    it's recognising the receiver, not the mouse

    make sure the signal to the mouse is not blocked by the computer chassis and that it is paired properly. also, check for any plastic inserts in the...
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    Re: Resizing Firefox on 30

    please share exactly what setting you found, where it is located and the value you changed it to for the benefit of other users encountering the same issue
  11. Re: What size a network install version of Fedora?

    It's the install size and RAM footprint after you have your chosen packages and desktop environment that really matters. Where do you get those target RAM usage figures from? I still have a hard time...
  12. Re: Gnome weird screen after upgrading to Fedora 30

    what hardware are you using? if nvidia with proprietary drivers, try reinstalling the latest build for your hardware from using their how to guide, pay attention to the Wayland section
  13. Re: Slow 1st launching of application after each boot !

    If you can't buy a larger SSD online (e.g. Crucial MX500 1TB) what you could do is use the 128GB drive from the market as the root partition containing the operating system and your applications and...
  14. Re: Slow 1st launching of application after each boot !

    short of replacing the HDD with an SSD there's not much you can do to improve program loading times other than using hibernate to get around having the '1st launch' slow loading issue instead of...
  15. Re: Redhat becomes Red Hat and ditches the shadow man

    Yes I know what is involved with the process I have done all that myself along with searches to make sure my business name is not one that could be considered as passing off as another company too....
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    Re: Anydesk installed but not working

    Fedora and are both* located in the USA. While we have an international membership, we must insist that English is used in all posts as questions and solutions must be standardized...
  17. Re: Redhat becomes Red Hat and ditches the shadow man

    I like it too, it's cleaner. I just don't see why they made such a song and dance about it by covering the HQ for a big reveal. I have used the Overpass font family (sponsored by Red Hat) before,...
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    Re: Fedora Upgrade query

    yes from 20 to 30 a reinstall would be quicker and far less hassle. even N+1 can be problematic sometimes anyway so a backup of important information at least if not the entire system is pretty much...
  19. redhat becomes Red Hat and ditches the shadow man

    After all the build up over the new logo, it's not actually that revolutionary and IBM had nothing to do with the rebrand despite some people's perceptions. The rebrand process started long before...
  20. F30 documentation should have been completed as well before GO status was granted

    The state of the documentation for Fedora 30 is not really acceptable. Apparently it runs at a completely different schedule to the distribution's release schedule, so this means a lot of crucial...
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    Re: Infinite rebooting problem!!!

    that along with running potentially cracked versions of games containing god knows what in their downloads. it is also possible that Comodo flagged multiple false positives and caused the damage to...
  22. CRITICAL - [28th May 2019] Fedora 28 End Of Life

    Fedora 30 is being released today. That means Fedora 28 hits its End of Life (EOL) status on May 28th 2019.

    After May 28th 2019, packages in the Fedora 28 repositories will no longer receive any...
  23. Re: Fedora 28 + KDE : SDDM freeze on logout

    @BillLee I've merged your thread with the other one for the simple reason I don't believe it really is GPU related, proprietary drivers work fine with KDE and NVIDIA hardware if acpi is configured...
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    Re: Infinite rebooting problem!!!

    what sort of machine is it? laptop or desktop? a virus wouldn't necessarily cause a boot loop anyhow and linux is not really susceptible to viruses. are you dual-booting with Windows?

    see if you...
  25. Re: Totem wont play multimedias even codecs are installed

    this may help with totem as well, it's worth a shot anyway:
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