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rlane602 25th January 2013 03:26 AM

Fedora 18 and xrdp
I'm trying to connect to my Fedora 18 box from a Windows 8 box. I enter my username and password in the xrdp login box and get a blank screen except for a "connection log" GUI which says, "Connecting to sesman ip port 3350" If I click on the "OK" in this box, I get bounced back to the xrdp login. Trying to login again or rebooting did not resolve issue, nor did a different username and password. Thanks in advance for your help. Rich

PheonixFire 29th January 2013 05:05 AM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp
don't know if this will help but is the loopback address, so I would check
the ip address your trying to connect to


HerbM 9th June 2013 04:13 AM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp
This is old but it remains unanswered and is very similar to my current problem as a new Fedora user, and new xrdp users.

Fedor 18, xrdp installed this week, "ps -A" shows it running.

Windows RDP (RDCMan) trying to connect either "herbm" (me) or "root" seems to make SOME type of connection, but never allows logon (and thus never shows a desktop.)

On initial connection a popup appears; obviously NOT a "Windows" message box and it's in the RDP screen so this is coming from the server (eliminating at least most firewall issues).

Popup title: Connection log
connecting to sessman ip port 3350
Button: [Ok]

On pressing Ok, it shows the following Pop (again, Linux style not Windows):

Popup title: Login to xrdp
Module [set to "sessman-Xvnc]
usernane [either 'root' or 'herbm']
password [correct password]

On pressing Ok, to logon it cycles back to that first dialog.

What I believe: has NOTHING to do with remote address of the actual Fedora box, but is rather the Fedora xrdp trying to connect to X and/or the session manager on the same (Fedora) box, and sending back a failed result to Windows RDCMan screen.

This leads me to believe that either the X session is not running, or there are incorrect session manager options, or ????

I obtained some hint (from an Ubuntu site) that perhaps the ".xsession" file was involved with the problem.

Neither root nor herbm has an '.xsession' file in the home directory for that user (e.g., /home/herbm).

The only processes (shown with ps -A) containing the letter 'x' (or 'X') that seem they MIGHT be relevant are 'xrdp' and 'Xorg'.

How to I correct this problem and use xrdp on Fedora 18?

Thank you.


flyingfsck 9th June 2013 05:58 AM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp
Uhmm, you are trying to connect from what to which?

If you want to connect from Linux to Windows, first enable remote access in Windows (don't ask me how, I don't do windows anymore), then check the IP address of the Windows box, then run 'rdesktop ipaddress' on the Linux machine.

If you want to connect from Windows to Linux, install Cygwin on Windows, then install PuTTY. First start Cygwin X server, then PuTTY. On Linux run sshd and check the IP address, then use PuTTy to connect from Windows to Linux.

HerbM 9th June 2013 06:09 AM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp
Trying to connect FROM Windows TO Linux

While I truly appreciate you help, this was stated in the initial message and continued in my reply, and if you think about it you will realize that I have NETWORK connectivity since I am getting popups back from the Fedora system that are being display in the Windows RDCMan window so we can safely eliminate general network issues (although not firewall issues on the Fedora box perhaps.)

Thank you.

If you have other pertinent ideas I would appreciate hearing those also.


solo2101 9th June 2013 06:16 AM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp
If i remember correctly... the user needs to be part of the "remote access" group.

HerbM 9th June 2013 06:33 AM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp

Originally Posted by solo2101 (Post 1655073)
If i remember correctly... the user needs to be part of the "remote access" group.

So you are suggesting there is a "Remote Access Group" on Fedora?

Were you connecting to a Windows box it would require membership in the Windows "Remote Desktop Users" group, but that group above doesn't sound like a very Linux-like thing.

We are connecting FROM WINDOWS to Fedora. as mentioned in all the requests for help above.

Again though, I do appreciate any attempts to help.

Right now, I am compiling and installing everything based on a guide at scarygliders. net.

Wish me luck.

glennzo 9th June 2013 09:54 AM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp
2 Attachment(s)
Hello HerbM and welcome to Fedora Forum. Your question piqued my curiosity so here's what I've just done.

I have three Fedora boxes running all the time, so, on the one I call enterprise (Fedora 18), I installed xrdp using yum while ssh'd into enterprise from my main desktop. Here's a snip from that operation:
PHP Code:

xrdp                             x86_64          0.6.0-0.7.fc18                            updates          261 k
for dependencies:
tigervnc-license                 noarch          1.2.80-0.10.20130314svn5065.fc18          updates           22 k
-server-minimal          x86_64          1.2.80-0.10.20130314svn5065.fc18          updates          979 k 

I then took a wild guess and started xrdp on enterprise.
PHP Code:

systemctl enable xrdp.service
systemctl start xrdp

Then I started Windows 7 under VirtualBox on the main desktop. Under Windows 7 I chose "Remote Desktop Connection. This prompted me for a hostname or ip address to connect to. I used (enterprise) and was then prompted for a user name and password. Once the credentials were provided I was in. See attached screenshot of my Windows to Linux connection.

On enterprise selinux is in enforcing mode.

Now, I'm not even sure if this is close to what you're trying to do with your machines but I figured I'd give it a go in the event that it may prove helpful to you. It seems as though it may be. Have you considered selinux may be blocking? Have you looked at the logs on the client machine? Given that it was this simple to get working here (minutes) maybe there is something amiss that you just haven't considered?

Oh, one more thing. How the h-e-double hockey sticks do I get out of this remote desktop thing?

solo2101 9th June 2013 04:00 PM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp

Originally Posted by HerbM (Post 1655076)
So you are suggesting there is a "Remote Access Group" on Fedora?

Yes that is what I am suggesting.

solo2101 9th June 2013 04:18 PM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp
But i dont think such group exist...

HerbM 9th June 2013 07:24 PM

Re: Fedora 18 and xrdp
h Here is the tail from the xrdp showing the last connection attempt:


[20130609-01:46:05] [INFO ] scp thread on sck 7 started successfully
[20130609-01:46:05] [INFO ] ++ created session (access granted): username herbm, ip - socket: 7
[20130609-01:46:05] [INFO ] starting X11rdp session...
[20130609-01:46:05] [INFO ] starting xrdp-sessvc - xpid=20964 - wmpid=20963
[20130609-01:46:05] [INFO ] ++ terminated session: username herbm, display :10.0, session_pid 20962, ip - socket: 7 is my Windows 7 workstation. I am not confident in that 'diplay :10.0' from my old but very rusty exposure to XWindow.

Would it matter if I were logged in separately to the console (through VMWare vCenter Server & vSphere client)?

Is there some group thing I have to do? It looks like I am authorized ("access granted").

Firewalls seem to have allowed the connection.

---------- Post added at 01:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:23 PM ----------

Thanks Glennzo.

That is what I was trying to do, and the fact that it works for you easily does indeed indicate that there is likely something very simple preventing it working for me.

Firewalls and selinux features seemed likely after reading your post so....

Looking up selinux indicates that 'getenforce' would give me its state.

getenforce was not installed so I did apt-get then re-ran it and it reports "disabled".

And actually this is not the first machine that has given me trouble, I have gone through a kubuntu, a mint, and now this new install of Fedora trying various ways to get xrdp (and even vnc to work correctly.)

This Fedora attempt was following scarygliders.net "X11RDP-o-Matic and RDPsesconfig : Updated to Version 2.5 By Kevin Cave, on June 20th, 2012" http://scarygliders.net/x11rdp-o-mat...ownloads-page/

That set of detailed instructions is far longer than your successful method (from what I can tell.)

As I recall, there was no explicit reference in this scarygliders method to vnc (nor to tigervnc).

The fact that I am still having trouble and having trouble with multiple machines and also with vnc seems to point toward a firewall.

The only thing arguing against that is the fact that apparently I am getting an initial connection to Fedora (etc.) since I see the logon dialog box.

As to logs, the Connection log is now filling out more (on the screen) after the dialog box is submitted but it IMMEDIATELY disappears (which is different from the behavior when it was showing almost nothing) so I cannot read it.

I found the xrdp session log and posted the tail of it above.

Again, thanks to anyone who tries to help, especially Glennzo for taking the time and trouble to try it.


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