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I Didn't Receive a Confirming Email

Well, you thought it was all set. You signed into the Forum but couldn't post ??!

That's because the email that was automatically sent to confirm your registration was somehow lost in cyberspace.

Maybe it's in your Spam (Junk) folder, maybe it was blocked.

Sadly, we can't generate a second confirmation email to you, but if you'll email us at, we can finalize the registration.

When you write, be sure to mention your new username so we can find you easily.

Please be patient, we're all volunteers and have real-world things to do as well as the Forum.

I Posted, But It's Not Showing Up!

As a new member, there's an excellent chance that if you referred to a website or included some coding in your post, it's been placed in the Moderation Queue for a Staff Member to review. We know your post is important, but we have hundreds of spammers each month who are eager to join an post their junk in the Forum. Some of their junk may be linked to some very damaging material, so we have to take a look. Please be patient, the Staff is composed of real people, volunteering their time and are not always available. Rather than trying a second, third or 87th. time to post the same thing, have a cool drink and enjoy the day. We'll get to it soon enough.

Does Have Rules?

Oh, you bet we do! In the Tips About The Forum Forum, you'll find "Posting Rules - Rules & Guidelines". All members should read and refer to them.

I Need Help With The Fedora Basics

Where do I start?

In the Guides & Solutions Forum, you'll find the "Fedora Set-up Guides" as well as many other Guides which will help get most things working.

Now, as to specific topics, you'll need to use the Forum effectively. Please check "Tips About The Forum"; read the Posting Rules first, then read further on the FAQ for exactly how to handle posts on the Forum.

How do I delete my fedora forum account?

We're glad you came, and sad you're leaving, but we understand the desire and need to sometimes limit your on-line presence. So, if you wish to delete your account, please send a private message (PM) to one of the community managers or administrators. If you can't remember your password to log in and do so, please send an email to

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