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24th February 2006, 01:25 PM
Bsically I have a router that has a net connection and we have an office router with a seprate connection

Now this may sound completly stupid or not .

I would like to find a way of achiveing this

A Server with 2 network cards that cannot speak to each other ir phyiscally see each other on nthe network.

A virus scanner on the server that scan both "networks" or anything connectin to the 2 diffrent routers.

A samba server which only stuff from the clinet router can see eg. so it excludes our office router / network.

I was also looking for an easy way to rip files from customers machines as i keep finding my self manually having to log on there windows machine and having to do a find/search for certain files types like .wab .xls .exe and so on . Would there be a way of aking a script on the server than can basically search the network and rip these files from each ip adress ? or machine name or something . Although this part is not vital it would be handy to find an easier way of doing this.

And also simpliar way of installing xp would be handy i heard i can put and image on my linux server and when i go to do a fresh install of xp for client i can do a network install or something has any 1 ever done this or no of any links that could help me out. I heard of something called MONO or something that acts like server 2003 or has some files for networking installations that you plonk on the linux box ? ? ? any 1 else tried this ?

Thanks for your help guess I have learnt alot from these forums.