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16th February 2006, 05:11 PM
Hi, please forgive a complete beginner question.

I have installed core 4 and am messing about with it to see if I can use this. Its starting to look like the answer is no though!

I am trying to load up 'Window Decorations' by double clicking System on the desktop, then Settings, Appearance & Themes, Window Decorations.

When I click on Window decorations (or any icon at this point) I get the message

"Question - Konqueror"

Open 'settings:/LookNFeel/kwindecoration'?

Type: Plain Text Document

Then the buttons Save As, Open with 'KWrite' or Cancel.

How do I open this? Is their something wrong with my installation, or is everything realy that different from a Windows system?

I installed KDE as default during the installation if that makes any difference?

My apologies, I know this is a silly question but I'm very interested to have a play!


16th February 2006, 05:45 PM
I'm using KDE as well (and also a Grandad) - but I'm not finding any of the same settings that you are. Did you load Gnome as well as KDE when you started out? If not, that would be my first suggestion. I don't use Gnome, but it's the normal default desktop and many things are easier if it's there as an option.

If you do decide to reinstall, I hope you'll choose to configure it yourself, which allows you to load those programs that you're likely to need to make your experience the best. And, don't just check the default boxes either - go into 'details' and pick and choose the included programs - really set it up just for you!

Please keep in mind that this is an entirely different system from Windows. They may look somewhat alike but they function differently. I have been into Fedora for about a year and a half now and no longer have Windows on my system and don't miss it, since Fedora can do anything that I need and much more.

16th February 2006, 09:37 PM
I am puzzled by what you said "double clicking system"...use the kmenu(kde bar at bottom of screen) and click "Control Center"
EDIT: I always remove all desktop icons, your right there is a settings icon there when you first install....but anyway try it a differrent way see if you get results.

Try running "kcontrol" from a terminal...see if you get any errors.(kcontrol is the app that controls the settings)
Seems like it is opening the file to edit or something...not launching the applicaiton...
You may want to use yum to do as Bob said, from a terminal as root:

yum install gnome