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11th February 2006, 10:32 PM
I'm not sure this is the right place to write about it...

...but I created my own yum repository. Currently it holds:
- ekg, ekg2, libgadu - CVS versions,
- gajim - SVN versions,
- xmms2 - GIT versions,
- aMule - compiled w/ amuled support,
- poldek.

All above RPMs are compiled in four versions:

http://peres.int.pl/pub/fc5/RPMS/athlon/ - FC5 (development), Athlon
http://peres.int.pl/pub/fc5/RPMS/i386/ - FC5 (development), i386
http://peres.int.pl/pub/fc4/RPMS/athlon/ - FC4 (freshrpms), Athlon
http://peres.int.pl/pub/fc4/RPMS/i386/ - FC4 (freshrpms), i386

.spec files: http://peres.int.pl/pub/fc5/SPECS/
src.rpm: http://peres.int.pl/pub/fc5/SRPMS/

All packages are located on my machine, so they aren't available 24h/day - so I'm looking for someone, who can mirror them. I'm also looking for testers (especially for FC4 packages, because I built them in chroot environment).