View Full Version : FC4 'LABEL=/boot' error on Clamshell

29th January 2006, 11:56 PM
Bear with me because I am fairly new to Linux and Mac. I have no access to an OSX disk which I would use, so I have been trying distros like crazy. I was using Ubuntu perfectly fine for a while until last night when I was sleeping and my clam fell out of bed. When I tried to boot it up, it said a bunch of stuff was missing so I go to reformat and reinstall and it was booting into the GUI and just stopped at the brown screen. Now here is my issue with FC. I am wondering if I broke something as nothing is working, but I can see it working at all if I actually damaged something.

When booting and it gets to checking filesystems, it gives this:

fsck.ext3: Unable to resolve 'LABEL=/boot'

Then failed.

It then asks for the root etc etc. Any ideas? Thanks.