View Full Version : How do I clear proxy settings?

20th January 2006, 01:49 AM
I put this in networking also because i wasnt sure what area to post it in thank you.

When I type export in the terminal these settings are still showing up, I need to clear all proxy settings...

can someone tell me how to make these not show up in export... i need to get rid of these because I cannot use YUM or anything else now. I had to originally set up these proxies because i was using this machine at work but now its home and i cant figure out how to clear these! thank you!

Also, can you re-fresh my memory on how to set these when I bring the machine back to work? i deleted the proxy.sh and proxy.csh files but that didn't help.

declare -x FTP_PROXY="http://proxy.ctc.com:8000/"
declare -x HTTP_PROXY="http://proxy.ctc.com:8000/"
declare -x ftp_proxy="http://proxy.ctc.com:8000/"
declare -x http_proxy="http://proxy.ctc.com:8000/"
declare -x no_proxy=".ctc.com"