View Full Version : Using Word templates within FC4 and OOo2.0(beta)

6th December 2005, 06:55 PM
Hi. I'm hoping someone out there knows if this is possible:

I have a stylesheet.dot file which was designed for use with MS-Word, but I'm hoping it will work in FC4 and OpenOffice (the vanilla version included with the FC4 isos).

How can I set up Open Office to recognise the template? Is it possible? To use the Template with Windoze I have to select "Tools, Templates and Add-Ins" and then both select it to use that file as well as add it to the list of templates.

What is the equivalent process for Open Office? There is no "Tools, Templates and Add-Ins" option...Is it possible to use these files unaltered? How can I import them or modify them to work with Open Office? Or am I just stuck using moldy XP?

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. I am not quite a newbie, but specific commands, (such as "su, then type emacs /etc/Sys...") would be very helpful.