View Full Version : USRobotics 5416 and Fedora Core 4 - No Association Followed by Keyboard lockup

27th November 2005, 09:31 PM

I am somewhat new again (used Linux predomantly during unemployment a few years ago) to the world of Linux.

I just installed the Fedora Core 4 on my box at home. The eth0 interface, which is the wired ethernet on the motherboard comes up with no problems. Unfortunately, the wlan0 / eth1 interface, which is the wireless interface will not association with my access point.

The wireless NIC is a US Robotics 5416, using the Texas Instruments ACX 111 chipset. I installed the acx100 driver as per the instructions from the HouseOfCraig.net\acx100_how-to.php. When I run the ./start_net script in the scripts directory (after of course entering ssid, etc), I get the following:

wlan0 deconfigured, module unloaded.
using wlan0
Module successfully inserted.
Setting rate to 11M auto.
Setting channel 1.
Setting short preamble to 1.
Going to try to join or setup ESSID chesney.
Setting mode to Managed.
Waiting for association...10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 FAILED.
Interface has been set up successfully.

Two things happen now, first my hard drive goes into a constant read/write activity until I invoke the ./stop_net script, which results in the following output:

Message from syslogd@nehemiah at Sun Nov 27 15:26:44 2005 ...
nehemiah kernel: Disabling IRQ #10
wlan0 deconfigured, module unloaded.

Shortly after this, my keyboard stops, and Gnome stops responding to mouse click events.

Anyways, if you can offer any suggestions, or if you need more information, please let me know.


PS. I would like to try using ndiswrapper to see if I can get better results, unfortunately, I can't find my original CD, and since the machine in question is a pure linux box (ie. no Windows boot), I can't steal the drivers from an existing windows installation.