View Full Version : NFS Firewall and hosts.allow

23rd November 2005, 04:41 AM

I just experienced some problem with NFS on FC4.

1. I can only mount the directory on the server after I do "service iptables stop" on the server

will that cause severe security problem as I disable the firewall? I looked for the option for NFS access with "system-config-network", but there is nothing to do with NFS

2. NFS uses two files /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny to control which are the hosts to allow and deny. However, I found the usual way of writing hosts.allow does not work, which is

portmap: client_host_name.domain

I have to write "ALLOW" at the end of this line

portmap: client_host_name.domain : ALLOW

I did a google search on this, the "ALLOW" can be replaced by "DENY" if you dont want some machine to use the NFS

does this mean that instead of looking at both hosts.allow and hosts.deny, it only looks at hosts.allow now?

Please advise, I need your advise, thank you.