View Full Version : How to use "dd"? Please help me save drive data. :(

21st November 2005, 11:15 AM
The situation:
I have done minimal things to comp since losing vast amounts of data (downloaded and deleted a couple of restore utilities which did not work). Now I need to save it to a harddrive for later recover.

I try

dd if="/dev/hdc2" of="backup.img"

after mounting external harddrive.

The problem is
"File size limit exceeded."

"ls -lh" shows it can only write 4.0GB to external harddrive before getting the "File size limit exceeded." error.

So I guess I need to break data up into 4GB chunks (40GB need to be saved).

How can this be done?

Much thanks!

21st November 2005, 11:27 AM
The story (for people who are interested):

I try not to use the gui generally since I know I need to learn the commandline, but today I was needing to make free space a thought that it would probably be a good idea to empty out the Trash folder. So I bring up home folder, go to Places -> Trash then Select All and Delete. Only, it never opened the trash folder (until much later when I realized my mistake), I was still in my home directory. So about 8000 files into the process I see new window come up and realize my mistake, and stop deletion, but I have already lost all of my media, letters, stories, books, and poems from last several years. Some of which I view as quite imperative (worth even manually scanning through data) to recover.

So I search for recovery help and find out (1) if I had been using ext2, I would be ok, but on ext3 I am screwed (2) utilities that can recover ext3, but only can be installed on windows. I try downloading one and using WINE to get it working, and an ext2 linux recover thing to no avail, and delete them. (I put them in /tmp instead of /home, I don't know if that would help any to keep me from overwriting the relevant drive data).

So next I ask to borrow ex-roommate's external hardrive: 300GB. I spend a while trying to get this working under knoppix, to no avail, then manage to get it mounted from FC3 rescue disk. Where I try to perform "dd" operation. Right now I am on my roommate's comp (windows), trying to figure this out so that I can save my data for later recovery, get back on my linux comp, and get my homework done. :(