View Full Version : 64 bit FC4 on Chaintech S1689 + AMD3200

14th November 2005, 01:10 PM
Motherboard is a Chaintech S1689 (Socket 939) with AMD-64 3200 CPU and 1024MB Ram.

The FC4 64 bit DVD booted and then promptly froze with a creen full of text, including something about a 'Bad Panic'

I found that by turning ACPI off (linux acpi=off) during boot solved this problem.

Currently installing 64-bit FC4 on this machine. I will update this thread when it completes (or doesn't)!

Well, install completed but following reboot, computer failed to load the kernel and just hung. Install of 32 bit FC4 on same hardware was seemingly successful, but I can't get the network hardware to communicate. Plugged a pci lan card in which worked immediately. Something weired about this chipset I think. Given up on this board. Gigabyte board coming tomorrow. :mad: