View Full Version : I have the answer for a install-problem on FC1!

digital empire
1st March 2004, 08:38 PM
I had big problems (for 2 weeks) to install FC1 on my dell system. :(

I could only install in textmode , because FC1 took the right graphic-card
(nv geforce 2 MX) but the wrong driver (nv)! -> I donīt know this thing for about 2 weeks - but now!

After installing in textmode (all went fine) I made a reboot and screen goes blank and nothing happens! :(


reboot with option "3" (textmode)
at root (/)goto with: cd /etc/X11
then open with: vi XF86Config (vi is editor)
goto: Device section
type: i (for insert)
and change: driver: "nv" (or others) to driver: "vesa"
quit with: :wq (write & quit)
now you can boot in graphical mode, configure your FC1 and
download your latest driver for the card.

:D Thatīs all ! :D

digital empire