View Full Version : Firefox/Thunderbird - saving to fat32 duplicates file extention

18th October 2005, 02:36 PM
Using FC4 with 2.6.12-1.1447 kernel (I'll get around to updating sometime)

Applications with problem: Firefox 1.0.7 (also in 1.0.6) and Thunderbird FC4 (also in 1.0.6).
Looking for other applications with similar features to compare, but I haven't been able to find any yet this morning.

Problem: As you all know, Firefox lets you specify a default directory for downloads, and Thunderbird lets you specify a default directory for attachments. If I specify these directories to be a directory on a fat32 partition, then file extensions get duplicated when I save any files. I do not experience this problem if I use a directory on a nomal linux/ext3 partition.

Using a file named "Circuit_Info.xls" as an example:
1. In either application, if I choose a linux partition (ext3) as the respective download directory the file saves as "Circuit_Info.xls"
2. In either application, if I choose a fat32 partition (sharing files for dual-boot) the file saves as "Circuit_Info.xls.xls".

Can anyone duplicate this problem or know what can be done to resolve it? I want to use the Fat32 partition for saving attachments and as a "My Documents" type of folder, because this is a dual-boot machine FC4 and WinXP-Pro.