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3rd October 2005, 08:52 PM
Well unfortunately my dad had to go rushing away from home quite some distance, and will be away several months. In the mean time we have quite a list of failed seperate Linux on Apple PPC64 distros, and rather dull shiny side up hot and cold drink coasters. Various problems cropped up with all trialed and absolutely "none" zero in other words are currently resolvable !

Our Dad is threatening to put a blow by blow description of the trials and woe's up on one of our two web servers. He is really peeved !!

The Apple iMac G5 has some amount of notorious history of chewing up and spitting out Linux on Mac Distro's. Dad has a note in his computer diary that Fedora Core 4 failed to recognise our external Firewire/USB Combo Hotec Drive cabled as a Firewire Drive. He simply refused to put FC4 on the internal imac G5's SATA HDD's Drive at the time. Unfortunately YDL had just been downloaded and he admits to being anxious to trial it. Unfortunately it failed at the installer boot text with <rebooting in 180 seconds> al la Gentoo Minimum Install iso <<End of story with 2 Linux on Mac disto's. (oops 3 inc fc4)

Ubuntu Breezy fell in a hole, but still the only distro so far to recognise our external hdd cabled either way ... as usb or firewire, but froze at the tan/brown graphical login prompt locking up both the keyboard and mouse, just prior to getting to the Ubuntu Desktop << end of story 4 distro's

Open Suse v10.0 rc1 for ppc64 uses a quaint wrapper which involves lilo and yaboot and doesn't write bootloader code to a preexisting newworld 800k bootstrap partition on the internal SATA hdd even if installed on the internal apple supplied sata hdd. <<< end of story 5 distro's

The TAB KEY Option which is common with all these distro's above never offered a workable bootable OS post install. Things like not being able to edit yaboot.conf due to frozen editing cursors etc. etc. Finally had a great Dad "spit the dummy right out." The terrible part came when "unknow" came up in one partitioner (this was actually the Apple Partition Table Partition." We won't say"who" thought it was the 800k New Word Boot Partition, then too make matters worse, deleted it, recreated it and aparently overwrote another partition (report from text based gpart) ..."rolls eyes" .............gig's of .dmg .iso downloaded programs, text files........

(Here endeth the first lesson.) "rolls eyes again",,,, who said computing was fun !

Give me rebuilding linux kernels on x86 hardware anytime !

Due to a problem with Apple OS X ver 10.4.2' Drive Utility you can't delete the first or first and second partitions on an external Firewire cabled HDD and reformat. Beccause all data on the rest of the partitions behind the first one or two lose all data. Thats why dad didn't backup onto the external hdd .... at the time ! (i knew someone would ask the obo question... i'm getting in first)

We are just redownloading FC4 for ppc64 for a second attempt at this time just incase it was a faulty iso (md5 check sm was ok though the first time) and Crux for ppc64. Then it's decision time, post inserting them in our internal Super Drive and attempts at an install.

For a bog standard Apple months old Apple iMac G5 Flat 17" LCD Screen with Super Drive, the road to "hell" seems paved with good intentions,,,, but,,, !!!

Our question is will Fedora Core 4 for PPC install on an external USB (cabled) Firewire/USB Combo Hard Drive hanging off a cable from our iMac G5 17".

Our second question is are there any "known" kernel apends that allow either an external firewire or usb external hdd to be seen by FC4 for PPC on a nearly new G5 iMac 17"

Is FC5 going to fully support external usb firewire hdd's when it gets to it's first release candidate for ppc64 by the way

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

roseie_h :eek: