View Full Version : gdm filling log

1st October 2005, 02:27 AM
I am having problems with gdm under FC4 on two separate computers (one at work and the other at home). The systems boot normally into the Gnome desktop, however; in both cases, gdm continuously writes the error message "gdm already running. Aborting!" to the log file /var/log/messages.

After a little poking around, it looks like /etc/X11/prefdm is starting gdm, which promptly bombs (and logs the error message), after which prefdm starts another gdm, ad infinitum. The time stamps indicate that a new gdm is spawned once or twice a second.

Besides making for a huge log file, this looks like it might be a big performance hit.

Does anyone have any insite into this behavior? Is it normal? Have I misconfigured something? Thanks in advance.