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30th September 2005, 08:05 PM
I have two questions looking for some answers:

1. With FC4, what's the tool to manage the hard disk(s) beside the Disk Management tool that's already available but all it does is to mount devices. I'm looking for any GUI tool where I can format a HD, create a new partion on a HD, etc.

2. With a HD alredy formatted with partitions and it's also mounted and accessible, how can I create a new partition and give a specific name to the new partition for the available disk space tha's not used by the partitions already on the HD?

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

30th September 2005, 08:55 PM
For the hardware partitioning you would use fdisk in a root term
A disk can have up to 4 primary partitions, so to make more partitions you would make an
extend partition as the 4th (but it doesn't take up space.) and type it as linux extended.

The main gui tool for managing the /dev/hdan (where n is 1 to 4 and is a primary partition) is the LVM GUI under
Desktop, System Settings, Logical Volume Management.
Before you can create LVM enites you need a
/dev/hdan (as defined above in fdsik with type LVM - 8e)
then you need to tell the system it is a phyical volume with the LVM tools in a root tem
pvcreate /dev/hdan

Now you can use the LVM gui to create a Volume Group,
create 1 or more Logicl Volumes (sixe, format as EXT3, supply first mount point, extent allocation size, and othe options for each LVM.

To use a particular LVM you create a mount point like
mkdir /home/youruser/workspace
chown -R yoruser:youruser /home/youruser/workspace
# this make it you the owner and your group the owner
chmod to change others acess
chmod 0764

after the LVM is create (and mount the fisrt time) you can look in ftab get the idea of the mount command needed.
and put that in rc.local so it would be mounted at the end of the bootup, if you want it mounted.
it would be like this (asumming you have these names for you VG and LVM's (without the #)
#mount /dev/mapper/VolGroup41-LogVol41 /home/Storeage
#mount /dev/mapper/VolGroupB4-LogVolB4 /home/WorkSpace
#mount /dev/mapper/VolGroupB3-LogVolB3 /home/SYSExtra

Now with the LVM gui tools you can, at anytime, remove an LVM (or two) and make a new one with different size, name)
As long as you are within the VG/PV size.


Robert Crowe
9th October 2005, 06:07 PM
Can this work for an external USB hard drive? I have a Maxtor 160 gb Ext Hard Drive (w/ firewire & usb) and I used to run Suse 9.3 on my laptop which is also my desktop before I made the switch back to Fedora with FC4 because of the problems I was having with that distribution including this one: I couldn't read/write even when under root. So I used the Yast tool to reformat the Maxtor to Reiserfs and it still wouldn't read/write even from root. So in preparation for the Fedora install I used Wipe Drive to wipe both my Laptop hard drive (80 gb) and the Maxtor external USB hard drive (160 gb) than I left the Maxtor off during the install because the install started to hang up and I figured I can just reformat after I get FC4 installed. I started by looking at the LVM tool (Desktop-System Settings-Logical Volume Management) and it only sees the Laptop hard drive. So I went to the Hardware Browser (Applications-System Tools-Hardware Browser) and it sees both the hard drives. The laptop is listed as /dev/hda. Then I can see the partition list: hda1 ext3, hda2 LVM Physical Volume. The Maxtor is listed as /dev/sda and thats it. I would like to reformat the external hard drive in ext3 and put my media and office documents on it...help anyone? Bob :confused: