View Full Version : how do I use yum to get new sane backends

Simon Bridge
30th September 2005, 06:20 AM
Or generally update the sane packages.

yumex shows nothing when filtered for sane
yum provides sane returns no packages
yum update sane (or even xsane) returns nothing queued for update.

Presumably yum is not looking in the right repo, or the sane packages are included in something else. But what? Where? Who? Why? Wibble?

I can obtain the tarball off www.sane-project.org and install that - though the ln-ux readme seems not to refer to fedora. There are rpms out there, and lots of conversations about how the rpms mess up yum update.

I am looking into this since it seems the latest tarball includes a backend which fully supports my scanner (HP SJ 2300C), and this backend is not (AFAIK) in the installation.

(Note: I am using yum configured according to instructions in www.fedorafaq.org in FC4.)

On a related matter - sane-find-scanner only sees my scanner as root. I am advised in the sane-usb man page to use hotplug (whose man page I have also read) to allow users access to sane devices. Presumably I have to point hotplug at the sane-hotplug scripts. But I am puzzled about how to do this.

scanimage -L sees no supported scanner even under root, but I suspect this is because the backend is not present. can anyone confirm this?

Once I've got all this sorted out, I'll write a howto specific for fedora. (Maybe this needs to be in the FAQ?) Or maybe someone knows of one that already exists?

Thanks in advance.

30th September 2005, 09:03 AM
There is no package called "sane". Some relevant packages are "sane-frontends", "sane-backends", "xsane", etc.