View Full Version : Module (advansys) trying to load after removal

26th September 2005, 10:24 PM
I was using the advansys module for my scsi scanner. I recently removed the card and I edited /etc/rc.modules -removing the advansys and sg module entries that I had inserted there. The problem is that I still see, at start up, a Fatal error system can't load module-no such device message. Where else do I need to remove this from to get it to stop trying to load? I'm running FC3 on a athlon 1Ghz system. BTW I've checked /etc/modprobe.conf but I don't see the advansys module listed there.Thanks

I found the file I was looking for. It's /etc/rc.local which needed to have those module loadings removed.
All is well. I'll leave this up in case someone has a similar issue. I had obviously changed the file but then forgot which one it was. Points up the need for better note keeping/taking.