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7th September 2005, 11:56 PM
HI newbie here.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to install FC 4 from an external Firewire hard drive on a powerbook. If so can you give a guide on what I need to do to install this way.


8th September 2005, 02:34 AM
may be you get help from this link (http://shamsweb.50webs.com/page2.html) .

8th September 2005, 09:48 PM
Thanks Shams

I checked out your page. It's for windows users rather than PPC but I will see if I can give it a go with a few modifications to how you did it. If I am successful I will post a guide here. just for anyone else who might want to check out your page your missed an "e" in the link. here's the link again http://shamsweb.50webs.com/page2.html

21st September 2005, 09:17 PM
Funny that this topic came up, I ended up having to do just that. Through some sort of ironic twist of fate the fedora CD's booted just fine to the linux installer (albeit slow) but refused to acknowledge that the files for installation actually existed on there. Don't know exactly why that was...

So I was able to improvise by copying the isos to my ipod, and making sure the ipod was in the USB port of my ibook when I booted up from the CD. When it came down to the portion where it asked me where my install files were, I checked to see if the ipod was mounted and sure enough it was.

I confirmed that you could only do it via USB and not firewire.

With the ipod mounted under /dev/sda I pointed fedora to sda2 where the iso files were copied and Fedora happily found them and installed all of it from my ipod without any problems. Over a whopping fast 12 mbps USB link-- took about an hour and a half I'd say.

I imagine that you could use any removable hard drive/mountable hard drive in the same fashion as long as linux can mount it relatively cleanly through the USB interface. Just copy the five iso files in the root directory and specify the hard drive and directory to look in as /

Hope this helps!