View Full Version : Disc always being access, everything locks up

4th September 2005, 04:32 PM
Hey All,

I finally got FC4 installed on a new(ish) machine that only had windows before. It's on a new IDE drive which is master rint he first IDE channel.

After nearly 9 hours (fc4 doesn't like the intel 915 chipset at all!) total work, everything seems OK, and I can get into KDE.

Now something odd is happening. Almost every action causes a lot of discs access, sometimes. Once opening firefox took just 3 seconds, the next time, over 2 minutes.. with continuous disc access. While this was happening, everything else was locked up.. nothing work. Then once firefox loaded, everything else I had tried while it was locked happened at the same time.

This seems to happen with random things. Sometimes just typing in an edit box causes 30-45 seconds of discs accesss, with evrything locked again.

Windows on the same machine doesn't have this problem.

I tried using top to see what was causing it, but nothing of interest showed up.. CPU usage was pretty low all the time.

How do I find out what is causing this problem, it is making my FC4 install totally usless :-(

Any help would be much appreciated.

4th September 2005, 10:37 PM
How much swap do you have? It sounds as if your swap is either missing (thus sucking up all ram and creating those freezes) or your swap is improperly set up (seems to be a bug with anaconda atm but can be corrected by editing /etc/fstab).

5th September 2005, 02:40 AM
I will check that when I get home, (finally gave up last night, and in the office now). I check /etc/fstab to see if it's there, and where.. but how do I change the size if it's too small? What size should it be (I have 1GB ram). It would be part of the Logical Volume Group right.. I have no idea how to work with Logical Volume Groups yet? How do I even check the size of a part of the LVG?


5th September 2005, 04:34 PM
If you have 1 GB RAM you might only "need" a small swap like 128 or 256 MB RAM. I have never resized partitions with the LVM stuff, so you will need to do a search on that (e.g. read the RedHat documentations) I guess.