View Full Version : FC4 Boot Problems

2nd September 2005, 09:26 PM
Yesterday I got a PowerMac G4/466 and now I've tried to install FC4 PPC on it. I replaced the hard drive with a slightly smaller and older one from an old PC I got. The system is going to be a router so I don't want Mac OS installed at all. Everything installs just fine but the problem is that after the install it doesn't boot. It just flash the apple logo and the question mark. I thought there was something wrong with yaboot so I decided to try to run the yabootconfig command from the FC3 guide. I booted the install disc and pressed Alt+Fsomething and mounted hda2 (Which is my FC4 Partition) och found yabootconfig. I wrote "yaboot -t /mnt/hda/ -r /dev/hda2 -b /dev/hda1" And it asks me to enter the path to a kernel but it doesn't matter what I write I always get "No such file blah blah" and it doesn't continue. What should I do? I have been using Linux before but never on a mac.
Oh and one more thing. When I turn the computer on there's an annoying sound. How do I turn it off?

3rd September 2005, 12:34 PM
Apparently Diskdruid doesn't change the Disc label so I fixed that with parted. Then it booted but /etc/fstab was really ****ed up. I made a new one but now it only mounts my / as read only.

The / line look like this

/dev/hda3 / ext3 defaults 1 1
Is there anything else I need to do?