View Full Version : Wine SLOWDOWN

21st August 2005, 08:30 PM
I have no idea why this happened. I downloaded wine yesterday of winehq.com and the latest winetools. I installed IE, Dcom98, and WC3 with no problems. Right after I installed WC3 wine slowed down A LOT! If I do a "wine /media/cdrecorder1/install.exe" it takes about 20 minutes for wine to open it. I never experienced wine this slow b4, it happens on anything I try to do with wine. My specs are NOT the problem, I've ran wine on other distros and b4 I installed WC3 it ran fine. I tried to delete .wine and yum remove wine and reinstall it, but it still gives me the same problem.

3rd April 2006, 01:54 AM
if only experienced this when the wine console was called on to open it aswell,

your not opening WC3 throuigh a script which has the wineconsole commant are you? (not that thers anything wrong with using a script :P)