View Full Version : speed slow down with 1024 ram p4p800vm asus

9th August 2005, 07:17 PM
Hello To All

I have a serious problem .

I use a asus p4p800 vm motherboard with fedora core 3 .
The server worked very well with 512 mb ram and now i upgraded the server with 1024 of ram .

Now the server speed seriously slowdown :( and i am sure that the both memory module are ok .

I remember that i arealy found a solution for this problem that look like to be common with a lot of asus motherboard.

It was necessary to enter 4 or 5 command line and the server was back working very fast but i no more find the post where all is explained :(((

Do any one here know anything about this problem and the command i need to enter to have the server working back faster ?

Thank you