View Full Version : YUM: no more mirrors to try...

6th August 2005, 07:56 PM
yum was working fine, until the past few days.. its consistently throwing up this :
[Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.

This is happenning almost everytime now, and not just for one repo. is it a problem with the repos, my internet connection, or yum?? I cant install a single software.. is there a solution?

Thnx and cheers.

6th August 2005, 09:06 PM
Erm, what does your yum config look like then?

Either the /etc/yum.conf or the .repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d

Without knowing which repos you are trying, it's hard to figure out which one isn't working any more.

The most likely reason is that you are using a repo that perhaps doesn't have any mirrors (or only a few). If these servers happen to be down for maintenance, yum will try mirrors until there aren't any. Hence the error.

I've had it a few times on various mirrors, but the mirrors tend to come back up after a bit.

If it is happening for ALL your repos, make sure your internet connection is working. If you posted this from the machine - it's safe to say that internet is working fine!