View Full Version : Americas Army resolution prob....

24th July 2005, 12:49 AM
I installed AAO v2.3 on Fedora Core 4 and everything is fine but I cant set my resolution in game to 1280x1024 under settings in game. Is there a way to do this manually? I have all the drivers installed for my 6800 & my monitor recomended setting is 1280x1024 @85Hz but the only option under game settings is 800x600. If this can be manually fixed where would the file be, thank you in advance.

24th July 2005, 02:34 AM
In your xorg.conf (or xfree) you have to set the default screen depth to 24 in order to get beyond 800 x 600.

Section "Screen"
Identifier "Screen0"
Device "Card0"
Monitor "Monitor0"
DefaultDepth 24

Problem fixed, thanks to armed.and.clueless of the Americas Army forums :)