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17th July 2005, 02:49 PM
Hi folks -

am using FC4 - works fine for the most part

anyone have a simple way to add an icon in Gnome that opens the file browser as root (or any app for that matter)

I realize I can open a terminal, su, and then:
nautilus --no-desktop --browser

does gnome have the capacity to "open app as root" directly?

thanks - Rick
rstiphout @who.net

17th July 2005, 02:58 PM

17th July 2005, 07:28 PM
I did this in Gnome yesterday and it worked like a charm. Add a menu item and give it the command:

kdesu nautilus --no-desktop --browser

This is how you open nautilus as the root user and I have no idea why it works in Gnome, but it does. You can open any app in Gnome as the root user by prepending "kdesu" (without quotes) to the command.

17th July 2005, 09:20 PM
Worked like a charm!

Right Click on panel (open space on top bar)
Add to panel
Choose Custom Application Launcher
Give it a name, comment; and the command should be:

kdesu "nautilus --no-desktop --browser" (notice the double quotes)

choose an icon, hit OK and you have a new icon on the top panel to open the browser as root (have to know the root psw of course)

Many thanks - Rick