View Full Version : FC4, suspend & video

3rd July 2005, 12:48 AM
Have an IBM T21 which I recently upgraded from FC1 to FC4. One of the changes was moving from APM to ACPI for power management. When I suspend the laptop and then resume, the video comes back ok except for using my Xine player. Xine works fine before suspend, but when I try to use it afterwards, the Xine screen comes up, but then remains an oversized black block. The GUI interface is present, but attempting to play a video deosn't change the black screen (though I get audio.) If I close Xine, video for the rest of the laptop runs fine.

If I log out of the X session and restart, then Xine plays fine. (I don't need to reboot.) However, this is a pain; have to log out and restart the session. This is slow and means closing all the open programs.

Haven't found any settings that fix the problem or allow a restart similar to the one I use for sound (which is also screwed up by ACPI suspend but is easily and quickly started up again with a simple shell script using rmmod/modprobe commands.)

Have to say I'm not sure FC4 is ready for prime time with all the annoyances so far, but it would seem there should be some fix or setting that would help since the video display after suspend/resume seems to work fine for everything else.