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1st July 2005, 04:00 AM
I am a newbie hoping to get started with Linux. I plan on installing the program on an older computer, PIII 450MHz, 192MB, 6.4GB, onboard LAN, onboard Video, Dell OptiPlex GX1 system. I am hoping to turn it into a web server, using Linux as core OS and Apache as Web Server, or will Linux be sufficient enough to be a webserver? I was thinking about writing scripts using CGI and PERL for webpage design as well and hosting web pages on it as well. May need a bigger HDD later on, but this is just experimental. Like I said, I am a newbie and may be going through a lot of trouble to accomplish a small task.



1st July 2005, 06:02 AM
OK--go for it.
install the gnome gui (or the xfce gui) too--makes it easier for new users to "admin" the server--also install the server tools/admin stuff, admin tools and all of the gnome stuff/tools too.
Install the developement tools --gcc, etc.
works ok--slow for the gnome gui with that amount of memory--but works. Just log out and leave the thing running after 'admining"--server will run even after a reboot without even loggin in.
Dell GX1's work ok to fair for this...I have several of those working now.

1st July 2005, 06:48 AM
You may have a bit of problem with the RAM

I myself am running of 128Mb RAM, and it is really slow, and I'm not running any server

Make lots of swap space (at least 512 Mb, even if you only have 192Mb RAM)

And FC4 recommends 256 Mb RAM, but I think you can manage

Stick with GNOME, much faster than KDE on my comp (although I still use KDE)

1st July 2005, 11:18 AM
If you want to use the machine as a web server, don't install any GUI on the system. Learn how to administer the system on the text console or remotely by utilities like Webmin (http://www.webmin.com/). 192MB is enough for a small webserver.

1st July 2005, 12:31 PM
I am thinking of buying some memory off of ebay or pricewatch, possibly 256MB. Also thinking about replacing the hard drive with a 30-40GB. The Dell GX1 will support upto 768MB memory. If I add the 256MB to the 128 already in there, that will give me 384 to play with.