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29th June 2005, 11:52 AM
Pretty good review of FC4. Link (http://www.osjournal.com/content/85/Reviews/A_look_at_Fedora_Core_4/).

Fedora Core 4, released June 13 2005, is the latest of the Fedora Project releases that offers many enhancements and features over the previous versions. Fedora Core 4 includes all of the latest software updates, including window managers GNOME 2.10 and KDE 3.4. GNOME 2.10 and KDE 3.4 both offer numerous desktop enhancements that increase performance and performance while still offering plenty of eye candy. Fedora Core 4 also boasts the newest GCC 4.0 Compiler and OpenOffice 2.0 Beta.

One feature that especially caught my eye was the default inclusion of the Xen package. Xen allows for additional virtual computers to be run on one system, similar to software such as VMWare or UML (User-Mode-Linux). Xen is included, by default, in Fedora Core 4 allowing users to create virtual environments as they please.

Fedora Core 4 offers a very secure environment that makes it a wonderful alternative to other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. Fedora Core 4 was vulnerable to 0 of 863 potential known vulnerabilities that could have harmed the system. The secure nature of Fedora Core 4 also makes it ideal for not only a desktop environment but also a server environment where stability and security are extremely important.

Fedora Core 4 also includes the SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) packages that tighten the privileging system for certain UNIX daemons. One negative impact regarding SELinux, however, is that it is currently not compatible with cPanel; therefore, you cannot use Fedora Core 4 and cPanel together.

In addition, Fedora Core 4 now fully supports the PowerPC CPU architecture, allowing it to be run on Apple’s G3, G4 and 64-bit G5 processors. PowerPC support will add a new market for Fedora Core 4, now allowing Apple users to enjoy the performance, reliability, and usability of Linux. Previously, Apple users were limited to a limited number of systems with packages precompiled for the PowerPC architecture. Fedora Core 4 remedies this by providing Apple users with a robust and stable operating system as an alternative to Mac OS X.

Out of the box Fedora Core 4 will work almost perfectly on every system—no tweaking or command line editing necessary, just pop in the DVD and go. Best of all, Fedora Core 4 is completely free and open source. Fedora Core 4 can be downloaded and installed via CDROM or DVD, whichever is more convenient. The download size is hefty so it is recommended that dial-up and non-broadband users purchase CDs opposed to downloading them.

Overall, Fedora Core 4 provides a very robust, secure, and feature-packed system. Users can install it with little to no Linux experience and not have to worry about tweaking the system to work with their hardware. Not only is Fedora Core 4 ideal for Desktop systems but would also make a great server environment due to its emphasis on security and stability. All of these features, combined with the ease of use, make Fedora Core 4 one of the best Linux distributions to date.

29th June 2005, 01:03 PM
This not exactly what I would call a review, rather a management summary of the release notes.

I'm so sorry.

19th September 2007, 08:31 PM
dude on this post i clicked the link botton you gave in you thread an it goes to open dns so is that the right web or something
because it is not working

19th September 2007, 08:32 PM
dude on this post i clicked the link botton you gave in you thread an it goes to open dns so is that the right web or something
because it is not working
Hummm.. It may not work because you posted on a two+ years old thread...
Consider checking the last post date before posting or following links...