View Full Version : conexant Cx11525 HSFi modem problem

29th June 2005, 08:09 AM
Hi all,

i have installed the conexant modem and FC2 detects it, but i don't think that the driver is installed for it.
i can't find the /dev/modem

dosn't FC auto install the modem driver?

i know that you can get some free version of the driver on the "linuxant" site. but it seems rediculous to me that you have to pay for the full version.
eventually the cost of the driver turns out to be more that the modem itself.
is there any solution to it?

two days back i bought this new modem only to find that it doesn't have the linux driver.
is there any linux compatible modem for which the drivers are readily available? i would prefer to buy yet another new modem than paying for a driver everytime for every new version of FC.