View Full Version : Workgroup, Host-computer-name, Dhcp

20th June 2005, 07:58 PM
FC does not handle this concept correctly.

FC is either a server with a permenent ip and a net address or a stand alone client with a automatic generated host-computer-name in the form of HOSTn.

To establish an FC client as a member of a WORKGROUP ,
1. The install must be Workstation group to include Samba.
2. It must be manually configured as if a server with a host-computer-name.
3. The ip must be pre-selected from the DHCP set and the dhcpsever of the gateway must be told to reserve that ip via it's host file. Yhis means that to have a WORKGROUP the ISP host machine must be a WINDOWS XP pro or a FC server with two nics acting as a gateway.
If the isp host is a Windows XP pro machine it will have the proper host-computer-name and dhcpclient to the router or isp. If it is an FC server it must be connected to a router than will allow the pre-selection of the ip set from the ip set used by the router (such as for router gateway
The second NIC will have a permenent ip of the a gateway as in or and a dsnsever to issue ip to the clients.

4. Samba is needed for printer and file sharing.

FC needs to address this intermediate definition for SOHO networking and intermixed WORKGROUP clients with or without a server gaeway or a with or without a file server where there is no DC or AD envolved.