View Full Version : if-so-2.3.3 released install from sources

17th June 2005, 11:15 AM
I want to present new release of if-so (currently 2.3.3)
if-so is a tool that automatically install software from sources using any http or ftp (or even local) folder with sources (src.rpm's or tarballs).
More of that, if-so detects your cpu flags, and optimize software during the compilation just for your computer and recourcively download all dependencies which needed to compile and run sofware

Sure, if-so can detect dependencies only in case of src.rpm's.
tarballs usually doesn't contain standartized information about it, so, until gentoo portage tree will be supported if-so will detect dependencies only with src.rpm's.

dependencies: only rpm, rpm-build and wget.

home: http://www.geocities.com/asprayama/if-so/
sf download page : http://sf.net/projects/if-so

I will be glad to discuss with you if-so.
Please, write me all suggestations and thoughts relating if-so