View Full Version : Problem with parallel port access

8th June 2005, 03:32 PM
Hi nerds,

I have a problem in accessing the parallel port. When i am trying to run the program which uses the parallel port, I am getting the following error messages:

ioctl err: PPCLAIM
ioctl err: PPWCONTROL
PPFCONTROL: Invalid argument
PPDATADIR: Bad file descriptor
ioctl err

I am not using the parallel port for the printer access. So I removed the lp module by issuing the command
rmmod lp

I see three modules relating to parallel port are running as follows when i issue the lsmod.
ppdev 13125 0
parport_pc 31109 0
parport 38793 2 parport_pc, ppdev

Can anyone please help me out. Thanks in advance.