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2nd May 2005, 01:47 AM
I am a total Linux n00b.

I have a dual opteron 246 on a Tyan 2882 motherboard. Raid is Mylex Acceleraid600. with 4 SCSI drives configured for RAID 5

I set up the server and have burnt it in with Windows XP and it works fine.

I created a Linux partition and swap partition with partition magic to test out a FC2 64 installation.

Installation only proceeds up to the point of selecting a partition method (Druid or otherwise). When I make either seletion it stops because it can't recognize a harddrive to partition and reboots... What's up?

I have a mylex driver for Linux but I haven't been asked by the installation process for it yet? It is driver idac320 1.0.0

What do I do? can I create a FC2 installation CD 1 with the driver on it so it loads automatically? can I force the installation to look for the RAID card somehow?

How can I get the installation to recognize the RAID array to complete an installation?

Thanks for your help

2nd May 2005, 02:29 AM
when the cd boots type linux dd or linux driverdisk, this will make fedora ask for a driver disk