View Full Version : Uninstalling of Kernel NTFS module

15th April 2005, 11:52 AM
I have installed this kernel support for ntfs through an rpm which is not working fine :( and now when i tried to download an other rpm the installation says tht ithe package is already installed and the installed package is not workin fine.
Does ny one havin ny idea what can be done to uninstall that kernel-ntfs module from the system. I have alredy tried :
rpm -e ntks -- no such package
rmp -e kernel-ntfs-module -- no such package
rmp -e kernel-ntfs -- no such package
What cud be the possible name for this package which is taken by the system. Does ny body has ny idea abt it plz do reply :(

15th April 2005, 12:10 PM
$ rpm -qa | grep -i ntfs


$ rpm -e kernel-module-ntfs-2.6.9-1.667smp-2.1.20-0.fc.1.2

:rolleyes: from http://linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/rpm/instructions.html#uninstall