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21st March 2005, 06:22 AM
Hi, I finally got my FC4 Test 1 DVD installed on my secondary hard drive by yanking all other disks and installing straight to it (thanks rswitzer for the advice... however just unplugging the other drives did not make Grub work, I had to reinstall... not a big deal though.)

Anyway, I initially had a problem with the graphical install locking up on a white background with the black X cursor. It seems to change resolutions and display the picture just fine but past that it just... doesn't do anything.

So, I install the system with text-based install and all goes well, until I get to Fedora actually loading. All the text interface loading goes fine but then it gets to a grey screen with a small grey box and a white bar with the words 'show details' in the bottom left, and a small loopy-thing that looks as if it's supposed to spin while the thing boots up. Nothing happens whatsoever at this point. If you move the mouse, the cursor moves, and initally the cursor kinda jerks like it's still loading stuff, but clicking the 'show details' does nothing and the progress bar does not change.

I have absolutely no idea where to start looking for problems. Any ideas?

I belive setup gave me the 'Generic Geforce 6800' video driver, and the Generic 3 Button PS/2 mouse (which both seem to work, lol, but that's about it). For what it's worth I am attempting to install GNOME and KDE, as well as the 'engineering tools', pretty much the rest of the packages are default when you choose 'customize install'.

My system is a MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum nForce 3 mainboard running a Winchester 3000+ Athlon64 (Linux detects the two available power states of the AMD Cool'N'Quiet).
ASUS Geforce 6800 256mb AGP video card
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy
10GB Maxtor IDE HD (my "sandbox" drive for linux)
Plextor 40x CD-RW
Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM
No floppy drive
WACOM tablet on USB
Cable internet through a router, connected to the onboard nVidia LAN.

Why doesn't it work? This system works flawlessly with Windows XP SP2. :confused: I wish it just borked out with kernel panic or something, at least I'd have an error message to start my troubleshooting with... :(

Thanks in advance for any help.

21st March 2005, 06:46 AM
I believe that is a known problem with FC4T1.
I would recommend to read some notes at the bottom of
Also please make sure to visit "Bug Tracker" for FC4T1.

Thomas Chung

22nd March 2005, 02:34 AM
I've been there and could not find any useful information. I find that site confusing at best. Is there any way you could direct me to the exact bug?

28th March 2005, 05:48 PM
Can anyone direct me to the bug tchung is talking about? I have looked but can't find it.

5th April 2005, 11:46 PM
No ideas anyone...? sigh...