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19th March 2005, 09:36 PM
any one have any recomendations for a nice simple mail client that will handle several differnt accounts? Evolution is just such a mess and half the time doesn't even tell me when I have new mail.

19th March 2005, 09:46 PM
Sorry, I was going to suggest Evolution, as that is what I utilize for use with 4 email accounts without any problems. I also like Balsa, but thats my 2 cents worth.
Maybe I'll learn of something better through your post though.

19th March 2005, 09:50 PM
Thunderbird seems every bit as good as Outlook.

I use thunderbird on my user account with an alis on my regualer ISP's mail system.
I can send mail to my regular account.

I tried to set up Evolution in the root account to get the sendmail root@local but it seems to not speak to the client mail app.

I want to be able to get the root mail and then forward it to my user's mail to track the logs, errors, and dump in the sar dtata.

I did a test forward in sendmail (and I saw it trying to smp over the ISP connection) but I think my ISP mail needs a logon account.

If anyone would like to explain how to make sendmail talk to the client and the outside mail I could sure use some details.

Also, for some unknown reason, when I did an Install everything, evolution is on my root Gnome but not on my user Gnome? Complete mistery.


20th March 2005, 12:54 AM
thanks Dave, I'll give Balsa a try.

and I never could stand Outlook or the clones. so Tbird is out for that reason.

20th March 2005, 01:26 AM
Give Kmail a try. I've tried Evolution and it reminded me too much of Outhouse Explodes. Kmail works great and will handle as many accounts as you can feed it. Kmail reminds me of Eudora when I was a winders users...I guess that's why I like it best. My $0.02 cents :D

20th March 2005, 03:09 AM
Well, the discussion inspired me to try again, especially sence Evolution was updated with 64 bug fixes. :)

It works with sendmail now, but I only got messages through March 12 so there may be two mailboxes around?

Now to check out getting sendmail smp to my ISP? It's trying but no messages are showing up (the second mbox).

Evolution looks very good to me. And it is on the users Gnome. It was renamed to Mozzilla mail which is what I thought Thundernird was called.

Anyway, for those following along ... more later, maybe. :)


20th March 2005, 05:53 AM
I would also go along with Evolution. My main want was the ability to include a busines logo in the signature file for out-going HTML email. Kmail would not do that, and I don't think Thunderbird dows either. Also needed multiple accounts (my ISP mail, plus accounts on 3 different domain servers), Evolution handles this effortlessly. I also use Popfile for mail classification so that I can set Evolution filters to deal with the mail appropriately. With 6 or 7 Popfile buckets set up, I can have my business mail directed into my Business folders, and Personal into the Inbox, and Spam sent to "Spam Hell".

My biggest gripe with Evo, is that it seems impossible to customize the bland grey UI. I much prefer Kmail's brighter coloring. I would really like to have my mail listings with two tone blue rather than two tone grey. Does anyone know of any file that can be tweaked to modify colors?


20th March 2005, 06:05 PM
the UI is one of the reasons I dislike it, it's not intuitive (for me anyways), and it is bloated to the point of being Microsoft software, I don't want it handling my Palm Pilot stuff. I don't want it to do Vcard (what ever that is) I don't want it to arrange my appointments, I want it to deal with e-mail.

the thing I do like is the filter system. that I like. I just wish it would actualy tell me or show me when I have mail instead of having to open and close it once an hour to make sure it's actualy showing me all my waiting mail (which it doesn't always do)

I'll try KDE mail