View Full Version : X problem, ...after install G4 hangs at boot, at configureing kernel parameters

7th March 2005, 10:49 PM

I installed FC3 on my G4 733. with Radeon 7500

Install goes fine.
After first boot, X reports that he is not running, ...
H trys to reconfigure, but no sucess...

After some crashes and reboots system hangs at boot at
Configureing Kernel Parameters

(i think he trys to switch to Graphical mode there.)

I for Interactive startup wont work.

And the Strange thing is, this doesent happen always.
However, even if X starts to work in a lower resolution, changeing from DVI to VGA will make sure that only a Big Gray screen is shown. Even if you change back.
And only 1 of 10 install attempts will start with X after install.

... so ...

The VGA Card and the Monitor need to be configured properly, but how?
All i can do is reinstall without X.

But how to install X, and what driver to use?
Ati has drivers only for Radeon 8500 and up.

Is there any way to install easyly from a console ? (yum?)

ty ...

15th March 2005, 10:49 AM

Just a valid Xorg.conf file is needed.

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