View Full Version : Packages to be dropped in FC4?

1st March 2005, 01:37 AM
I just saw a list of packages (http://www.linuxcompatible.org/story42482.html) supposed to be dropped in FC4. They include GNOME Office, KOffice, XEmacs, and XFFM among others. What do you think?


1st March 2005, 01:44 AM
Dude, if they're dropping tux racer then I'm boycotting FC4.

1st March 2005, 02:03 AM
I'm not particularly happy with their dropping of abiword and grip... :(

1st March 2005, 02:14 AM
It's becoming more and more obvious that this distro is only a test bed for RHEL. They don't really care about what we want. What are they adding to it? FC3 was 3 and a half CDs and they need to drop these packages to fit FC on 4 CDs? Doesn't make sense.

1st March 2005, 02:16 AM
Question: If both ggv and gpdf are dropped, what will be handeling PS and PDF Viewing?

1st March 2005, 03:13 AM
I assume these dropped packages are being shifted into fedora extras. I am unsure why they are choosing to drop some e.g Xemacs other some others.

2nd March 2005, 07:25 PM
I guess GNOME Office and KDE Office are dropped in favor of OpenOffice; ggv and gv are dropped in favor or gsview or kghostview; gpdf is dropped in favor of xpdf, kpdf, or acroread; xemacs is dropped in favor of gnu-emacs; xfce is dropped in favor of KDE or GNOME; ...

As Varkk said, they will _hopefully_ be available as the fedora extra collection.

"4 CD-Roms limit" seems somewhat arbitrary. Why not 5 or 6? When shifting from 3 CDs to 4 CDs, was it justified? (Perhaps, "1 DVD limit" could be more convincing ...)


3rd March 2005, 05:21 AM
Most people still have only CD-ROM's, although this is changing now that DVD-ROM's are pretty much the same price. The differential though in burners and media is still quite large.

3rd March 2005, 06:19 AM
After I install a new FC release on a machine, apply the maintenance and setup yum, I issue one large yum install to add the extra software that I usually use. I have built this command over time; when I add a package manually, I add it to the command. If Fedora drops some backages that I use (in this case: abiword, gnumeric, grip, pan, and tuxracer), they will just get added to the command. One copy/paste, and all the software I need is installed. No sweat. :)

Ready for FC4:

yum -y install SDL_ttf a52dec aalib cdrdao dia dovecot dvgrab expectk faac faad2 ffmpeg frozen-bubble giblib gkrellm gkrellm-daemon gkrellm-themes gnet2 gsm gthumb hfsutils id3lib imlib2 j2re jhead lame libdvbpsi libdvdcss libdvdplay libdvdread libid3tag libmad libpostproc libquicktime linux_logo lirc lzo mozilla-j2re mozilla-flash mpeg2dec mplayer mplayer-fonts neverball nmap nmap-frontend ogmtools perl-SDL perl-Video-DVDRip planner qt-devel rar rsync smpeg speex subtitleripper transcode unrar vcdimager videolan-client wxGTK xine xine-lib xmms-mp3 xmms-skins xosd xvidcore gpa abiword gnumeric grip pan tuxracer

3rd March 2005, 06:49 AM
Everybody needs to read Havoc Pennington's blog (http://log.ometer.com/2005-03.html) to clear up some misunderstandings.

Yes they are being moved to Extras, which is just like Core only it doesn't come on the CDs. These packages will still be a part of the Fedora project.

Adding a CD places strain on the mirrors. Thousands of potential users times 650 MB or so can easily amount to terabytes of transfer.

3rd March 2005, 09:44 AM
I honestly prefer to use abiword since it loads up faster on my machine. If they could only do that with open office then I can live with. Open offices takes up to 10 seconds to come up and ABIWORD loads up in about 2! So a much smaller app comes up on top .....

Hey as long they can provide me with the donwload from extras or the repositories I will a happy fedora user! :D

3rd March 2005, 04:25 PM
Adding a CD places strain on the mirrors. Thousands of potential users times 650 MB or so can easily amount to terabytes of transfer.

The existing mirrors should be converted to Bittorrent seeds. The bittorrent downloads would literally be at line-speed, and the bandwidth load could be distributed across a large population. For those that can't use Bittorrent, the same files would still be accessible for ftp/http/rsync.

While a Bittorrent is made available for the FC releases, all the mirrors aren't seeds, and relatively few downloads use the torrent (a few thousand last time I heard). The downloads though the torrent are frequently slower than a lightly loaded conventional server.

It's a shame. Bittorrent was made for this kind of distribution; with FC on the leading edge of software, it would be nice if they took advantage of the technology.

4th March 2005, 07:14 AM
Bittorrent was made for this kind of distribution; with FC on the leading edge of software, it would be nice if they took advantage of the technology.
There is a torrent. (http://torrent.linux.duke.edu/) Not sure what all the mirrors think about Bittorrent, however.

As long as the Fedora project as a whole is in a repository, and I have broadband to download it, I'm happy.

4th March 2005, 11:39 PM
I think itś a goog thing to strip down the main-distribution into a smaller number of packages. If we keep on adding more and more stuff to the main-distribution Fedora will get only bloated.

The point is to select only the high-quality programs and the so called īKiller-appsī for a the main-distro. Then people will see that Linux is about quality, and not cofusion.

People who still want more programs can always find them on fedora-extraś.

31st March 2005, 03:28 AM
I would still like the extras to be released in sync with FC4, and available as additional
ISO's that the installer can deal with.

31st March 2005, 08:44 AM

OOo 2.0 is split into different packages (Writer, Calc, Impress, etc). It means you don't have to install the whole suite if you want to use Abiword instead of Writer.